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How to Make a Special Order

What would you like us to make?

Our makers are all very skilled crafts people. They make everything from cosy knits and toys to jewellery, children’s clothes and gifts. If you are looking for something special, such as an item you would like to have knitted but don’t have the time or expertise, then we can help you.

Our makers have made a great variety of pieces by special order, including woollen scarves for the silver screen and Fair Isle knits sent as far afield as Cuba! The staff at the Treasure Trove are ready to help you. They can provide advice and then find a suitable member to take your project forward.

Please get in touch with any project you think we might be able to help you with. Give us a ring at the shop on 0131 220 1187 or pop into the shop to discuss your request.

Our members can also repair and darn clothing and we also provide a wash and stretch service for baby shawls.   

Case Studies

Dozens of scarves for the movies

At the end of 2008 we were approached by a London based film production company. They were producing a film based on World War 2 and needed expert knitters to produce 30 scarves in the original Red Cross pattern and colours.

We selected three Members and the task was completed in record time. Not only were the film company delighted but our Members were too, knowing that their knitting was so good it was fit for the silver screen.

A Jumpers tale | From the Fair Isles to Cuba

In 2011 we received a phone call from a gentleman enquiring about the possibility of having a Fair Isle tank top knitted. He had recently been on a Mediterranean cruise and had noticed another gentleman wearing a wonderful tank top. In conversation with the gentleman he discovered it had been knitted by one of our members from Shetland.

We were sent the measurements and colours and our Member got knitting and completed the order. The gentleman was absolutely delighted with his new garment, but not nearly as delighted as our Member who discovered the order was from a gentleman who lived in Cuba.

A Toy Soldier

In 2012 The Treasure Trove received am email from a lovely young woman whose husband was serving in the Royal Irish Regiment.  He was due to go on duty and she was keen to find a special gift for him. Having heard from a friend about the wonderful knitted toys sold in the shop, she wondered if we could make one of him in his regimental uniform.

Photographs were sent and passed on to our member and the end result was fantastic. We received an email from the delighted customer informing us that her husband thought it was amazing and it would be an heirloom to be treasured.