Use your skills to pay the bills.

could you be one of our makers?

The Makers

Becoming a maker

Our band of talented makers are all members of The Royal Edinburgh Repository & Self Aid Society. Below is information on becoming a member.

Interested in becoming a Member? 

To apply complete the membership form below and provide a sample of the items you wish to sell. If you meet our criteria both in your personal need and your skill, you become a member and are given a unique personal number, under which all your items are sold. 

As a member, how will I be paid?  

You set your own prices knowing that in the present climate the Society will deduct 10% from the sale price towards administration costs. You are paid monthly for any items sold on your behalf.  

What happens if I can no longer work?

If for some reason you are unable to work and have been a member of the Society for over 2 years, you may be helped through our Benevolent Fund which can provide some very small additional funds. It is very important to us that we support our members. Our friendly team in the shop regularly telephone members who do not visit the shop.

Once you're a member

Having become a Member of the Society you are now one of our band of Makers and we look forward to receiving your goods for sale in our shop. These may be brought into the shop or sent to us. Each item is individually priced by you, remembering that the Society currently keeps 10% of the sale price towards administration costs.

Our makers adhere to a strict set of rules:

  1. Items offered for sale must be made by the member who must not sell goods through any commercial outlet.
  2. New Members pay a joining fee of £5.00 which is deducted from the first month’s sales.
  3. Each Member is given a unique personal number which must be quoted on all correspondence with the Society.  This assists staff in cataloguing the goods which we take into stock and sell on the members behalf.
  4. Members should discuss the pricing of goods with the Manager.  Goods should be priced in multiples of 10p, and a record kept of all items sent to the Society for sale. 10% from the sale price will be deducted to contribute towards administration costs  prior to payment to the member.
  5. correct list of goods must be included in every parcel sent along with a note of the sender’s name, address and personal number.  Each item must have a card attached showing the personal number, selling price and in appropriate cases, a brief description of the item (e.g. size or age).  A stamped addressed envelope must be enclosed which will be used to confirm receipt of the goods.  The Society cannot be held liable for goods damaged in transit.
  6. All letters and parcels should be addressed to the Manager at the above address
  7. Payment for goods sold during a calendar month is paid into a members nominated bank or building society account on the 15th day of the following month unless this date falls at a weekend or bank holiday when payment will be made on the next working day.  Please allow three working days for the transfer of funds.
  8. The Executive Committee and Manager reserve the right to return work which, in their opinion, is not of a sufficiently high standard.
  9. The member should respect the confidentiality of the Society and its reputation.